Our Cancer Book for Kids: Common Questions

1. Will you be offering Someone I Love is Sick in other languages besides English?               

Yes, it is our hope to offer a Spanish version in the future.

2. How can I replace a page that has been lost or damaged? 

Please contact us to discuss options for replacing individual pages.

3. Can Kathleen McCue speak to our group?

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a presentation in the Northeast Ohio area. If you are not in the Northeast Ohio area and are requesting a speaker please contact us to discuss possible arrangements.

4. Will you be offering Someone I Love is Sick for other diseases besides cancer?

Not at this time. Our mission and focus remains cancer.

5. Can I pick up my order and save on the shipping cost?

Yes, if you are in the Cleveland area, feel free to stop by the East or West side locations of The Gathering Place or TGP Collection during regular business hours (directions available at The Gathering Place website).

6. Can I return the book and get a full refund?

We are happy to replace books that arrived damaged. Send the unopened book to us.  Contact Benjamin Light at The Gathering Place for questions regarding returns other than those for a damaged book.  We cannot accept a return once a book has been opened.